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Arnold Schwarzenegger Gushes Over Granddaughters & Reveals the Candy Nickname They Name Him


Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Arnold Schwarzenegger, 76, took a while to gush over his two granddaughters, Lyla Maria, 3, and Eloise Christina, 1, in a brand new interview. The Kindergarten Cop star was selling his new motivational guide, Be Helpful: Seven Instruments for Life, when he opened up about being a grandfather to the ladies, who’re the daughters of his daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger, 33, and her husband, Chris Pratt, 44. He additionally revealed the candy nickname they name him.

“Opa,” Arnold instructed PEOPLE concerning the nickname, which is German for grandfather. “It’s just such a fun thing to do because it’s kind of like I [didn’t] know how good I would be [at being a grandfather] but I have the animals so it’s an easy thing.”

The proud grandad, who has a canine named Cherry, went on to say that when Katherine brings over the children to his home, “the first thing that Lyla would say is, ‘Where’s Cherry?’ Which is my little dog. I say, ‘Cherry’s waiting for you.’ ‘Mommy, can we go over to see Opa, to see Cherry?’ ‘Sure, we go tomorrow.’ So they come over: ‘Cherry, Cherry, Cherry’ and she holds Cherry in her lap.”

Along with Cherry, Arnold owns many different animals, together with a pet pig named Schnelly, a miniature horse named Whiskey and a miniature donkey named Lulu. “Then I get the pig around and then she likes the pig and feeds the pig,” he continued to say about Lyla’s response his animals. “Then I said ‘You want to come out? Let’s go out to the stable and see the horses.’ Okay, then take my hand and then we walk out to the fields and she goes to the stables and she visits the horses.”

Arnold additional revealed that his granddaughters are additionally a fan of cookies he makes for the horses. “Lyla would go and say, ‘Can I have a cookie?’ But it’s not the regular chocolate chip cookies. It’s the cookie that Lulu and Whiskey eat,” he defined, referencing his two horses. “So it’s a specific oatmeal recipe. It has no sugar in it, just honey. And we make them for just the horses and the dogs, that we love, too.”


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